plasma oxyfuel laser waterjet

برش هواگاز

برش پلاسما و هواگاز

دستگاه برش چند منظوره هواگاز-پلاسما با امکان دریل کردن و مارک کردن قطعه

first step to choice right CNC cutting system is process selection , this article describe various cutting process.


oxyfuel is most common steel cutting solution over decades.oxyfuel cutting use propane / acetylene or natual gas for heating and high purity oxygen gas for cutting.nominal cutting thickness is 10mm up to 200mm and with some special equipment from 5mm up to 300mm cutting thick with good edge quality is achievable.


plasma units contain wide variety of technologies from simple air cutting system to multi-gas under-water cutting systems

plasma cutting speed is much higher than oxyfuel in below 10mm thickness and able to cut non-ferrous such copper , brass and …

Plamsa cutting Article

cutting solution


heavy steel structures , heavy machine tools , high quantity productions , any steel cutting within 6mm up to 300mm


light and large steel structures

machine tools applications , pipe and oil , HVAC

any metal cutting with 0.5mm up to 20mm for normal palsma and up to 80mm for high-end plasma

CNCSazan Solution

Heavy-Duty CNC:

heavy duty multi purpose oxufuel + Plasma + Drilling + Marking cutting table

دستگاه برش CNC پلاسما و هواگاز

Avid CNC:

mutli-function oxyfuel + Plasma + Drilling cutting table

دستگاه برش هواگاز - پلاسما مدل Avid

Shuffle CNC:

high quality plasma cutting table , dynamic and quality cutting

دستگاه CNC پلاسما shuffle

Fine THC:

fully automated torch lifter

کله گی پلاسما THC

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