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The "samane hae daghegh novin hfraz" company has been working with CNC sazan brand since 2000 with the slogan "Expertise concentration Responsibility " with the following goals:

  • Provide modern production methods to increase quality and reduce costs
  • Provide suitable services and machinery in accordance with customer expectations
  • Supplying the needs of different parts of the country to specialized machinery

In order to achieve its goals, the company considers the following strategies:

  • Making quality and affordable CNC machines
  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Emphasize the continuous research and development of R & D to enhance the quality and efficiency of products
  • Raising the market's technological level by publishing specialized information through the site and related specialized books
  • Promote and promote the use of new technologies that reduce waste of energy and materials and current costs of production.
  • In order to achieve these goals, the company always provide the right kind of work.

The company has a TUV-ICB quality assurance management system ISO 9001: 2008.

With the efforts and follow-up of the company's specialists in the field of science production and localization of the technical knowledge of the day, the world won the title of knowledge base of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency.

The research and development unit of this company is located at Khorasan Razavi Science and Technology Park.

The achievements of CNCsazan

  1. The first and only holder of the knowledge base in the field of CNC cutting machines
  2. Holder Quality Management System ISO9001-2008
  3. Exporter of device and engineering services
  4. The basis of design and production of products is based on the needs of customers
  5. Replacing new plasma methods and offering powerful and accurate plasmas for optimal production
  6. Integrated control system with equipment and accessories, automation and simplicity of the system
  7. Full 360 degree support from the machine, control system, height control equipment, plasma and ...
  8. Update using the network CNC control system
  9. Strong support team and active after sales service system. Customer always knows us next to you

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