All products of the company include after-sales services for at least 10 years.

A lifecycle service includes Heavy Duty models of the company.

Like CNC sazan of the cutting machine industry in the world, such as ESAB-MESSER is the only company in Iran that has the ability to provide 360-degree customer service. CNC sazan are backed by a strong technical support team and about 20 years of experience in the production of specialized CNC cutting machines and the high suffering of loyal customers in Iran and the Middle East is the only company in Iran offering 360 services to its customers. Services 360 include everything about the CNC machines And the customer does not need to contact several suppliers for their device services And in all cases related to the device, it can benefit from direct CNC services

After-sales services for CNC makers include the following sections:


Training is the first and most important part of the delivery of the CNCsazan. The advanced training of CNC sazan during the installation of the device to the customer-approved operators provide all the training needed to work with the device and produce high quality components. The delivery and installation time of the machine is determined by the necessary training of the operators according to the customer’s requirements Ensuring sufficient operator training, the ability to produce a piece of quality with a cutting machine, and familiarity with the capabilities and safety tips of the device.

CNCsazan believe in the correct training of machine operators.

The training of customer operators is only done by the leading CNC experts with over 15 years of experience. CNCsazan educators have at least the following lessons

  1. Expertise and full experience for several years with plasma gas-plasma cutting operations
  2. Expertise and full experience of CNC machine operator with several years experience
  3. Experience and expertise with AutoCAD-SolidWork Drawing Design Software
  4. Expertise and full experience with layout and mapping software
  5. Expertise and full experience in the processing of specialty cutting and manufacturing of metal parts
  6. Specialty and experience of work safety equipment

technical support

All customers of CNCsazan devices have full technical support

Support on the quality of cutting parts

Consumables for nozzles, electrodes and consumables for oxyfuel

Customer consultation for the purchase of needed equipment, device relocation …

Warranty and spare parts

CNCsazan are the only manufacturers of the main parts of CNC machines in their entire stock in the service and service departments. If you need to replace the piece Send for simple parts quickly and for parts that need to be installed Spare parts are sent in coordination with the technical representative or the expert of the company.

CNCsazan are the only manufacturer of CNC machines that directly assume complete warranty and service for all components of the CNC machine. And the customer does not need to be dependent on individuals and companies for the warranty and service of his or her device.

Periodic update

CNC sazan are backed by over 20 years of manufacturing and the high standard of loyal customers throughout the country and region, providing complete warranty and service to all electrical and electrical components, controls and mechanical devices. Updating, rebuilding and updating of the control system, equipment and tools for the benefit of loyal customers from the capabilities of the world of the industry by CNC makers. A periodic update for customer benefit from modern capabilities, similar to World Day systems, and increased productivity and benefits of the device, can be done by CNC makers.

CNCsazan technicians are continuously monitoring new global capabilities and technologies. And CCNC customers can benefit from new capabilities and more from CNC developers, in keeping with their industry development.

Technological updates and new capabilities

The professional design and standard manufacturing of CNCsazan companies makes it possible for all customers to take advantage of the latest features and components even for older machines.

All products of the company include after-sales service of at least 10 years with special service lifetime including Heavy Duty models of the company.

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