Oxyfuel cutting chamber with automatic height control

January 30, 2018

Oxyfuel cutting chamber with automatic height control

Video Introducing Option

 Oxyfuel Cutting Head

width 150mm
oxyfuel Koike

B.O.C nozzle

Parker Valves/cheme

Flashback  Arrestor

Usable options * IHS

Initial automatic spacing at first cutAuto Raise

Torsion rise at the end of the cutting and when moving fast, avoid collisions with cut pieces while moving fast

Automatic movement course 200mm
Maximum Oxyfuel cutting thickness

Special equipment is required for thicknesses above 150 mm.

Torch installation course 100mm
Possibilities Automatic Torch UP after Cutting*

Automatic Height Adjust*

Automatic Torch Down before Cutting*

Air Humidity Control * CNC Controlled THC
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