Cnc cutting machine Model : Avid

CNC cutting machine Model : Shuffle
June 26, 2020
CNC Cutting Machine model : Avid Special
June 26, 2020

Cnc cutting machine Model : Avid

    دستگاه برش هواگاز - پلاسما مدل Avid

    Cnc cutting machine Model : Avid

    Plasma and oxyfuel  cutting machine CNC plasma cutting machine AVID model is designed for precision cutting of plasma and oxy fuel method.

    The body structure of the device is similar to the shuffle model with high precision in dynamic motion conditions

    The drive motors are parallel.

    Technical Specifications PDF CNC Plasma Cutting Machine AVID

    PDF Catalog CNC Plasma Cutting Machine AVID

    The  Avid CNC Plasma Cutting Machine are designed for accurate cutting of metal sheets by plasma and oxyfuel. The rugged, interconnected, machined coil allows high speed access with high cutting accuracy.

    The Smart CNC control system provides accurate and uniform cutting speeds and acceleration at corners and contours. The precision of the motor above the machine is provided by installing the motor in two directions (parallel elongation), along with the ZERO-BACKLASH Rack & Pinion actuator system and Linear-Guide precision linear guides. This system allows you to install a variety of manual and automatic plasma models. Plasma units can be installed on the device with the following models.

    Technical Information

    Technical Specifications of Plasma / oxyfuel Model AVID Model
    Control systemH3 System Advanced IPC

    Rugged Fan-Less , IP61

    cutting file formatsDXF , G-Code
    Supported ProcessesPlasma Cutting , OxyFuel Cutting, Marking , Drilling
    Longitudinal motion3010 mm
    Transverse movement1600 mm
    Torch Altitude Movement200 mm
    Speed of movement30000 mm /min
    Longitudinal and transverse impeller systemRack & Pinion
    Lateral / transverse actuation systemZero-Backlash (0.0 mm)
    Plasma Height Control System *Fine-THC
    Initial ignition systemIHS
    The accuracy of the height control system0.1 mm
    Air Humidity Control System **CAP Sensor
    Longitudinal and transverse movement accuracy0.1mm
    The final tolerance of the production piece+- 0.2 mm
    Movement speed control of the turret height9000mm/min
    input voltage210/230V Single-Phase
    Power consumption current (without unit of plasma)Average 4A – Peak 10A
    Machine weight~ 1600 Kg
    Exterior dimensions of the machine (transport)3500 (L) x 2100(W) x 2000(H) mm
    Permissible ambient working temperature40 …0degree
    Maximum Plasma Cutting Thickness45mm up to 160 mm*
    Maximum oxyfuel cutting  thickness250mm

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