FTHC plasma cutter with automatic height control

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January 30, 2018
January 30, 2018

FTHC plasma cutter with automatic height control

Video Introducing Option

FTHC special plasma cutting head with automatic height control and intelligent impact hole sensor

plasma cutting FTHC
Head width 150 mm
The suffering of plasma cutting 0.5mm up to 160mm

)depend on Plasma Unit(

Standard equipment 



Initial automatic spacing at first cutting, rising at the end of the cuttingAuto Raise

Torsion rise at the end of the cutting and when moving fast, avoid collisions with cut pieces while moving fast 3D Collision.

Turbo protection against 3-D mechanical collision

Automatic sheet level detection Contact


The accuracy of the height control system 0.2 mm
Control the height of the plasma CNC –Controlled THC

Automatic Corner Detection

Automatic Pierce + Cut Height

Automatic Torch Raise

Stop on Collision

Automatic movement course 190 mm
Maximum plasma cutting speed Max 8,000 mm/min

CNC cutting machine with THC option (Automatically maintain the turbocharger’s distance from the sheet during cutting to compensate for the curvature of the sheet) The use of this cutting edge for CNC plasma, in addition to reducing user error, provides excellent surface precision.CNC Plasma Torch

  1. Ball-Screw motion mechanism.
  2. Low torch width, the ability to install several torches close together.
  3. Rigid structure, no vibration and leakage
  4. High speed movement
  5. Automatic sheet detection on the beginning of the cycle
  6. Automatic height control of the surface of the sheet while working with a precision of 0.1 mm
  7. Cover and protector

The precise control mechanism of the torch from a high precision sheet creates a very clean, uncluttered and angled cutting surface.

The best cutting quality is achieved with precision and fast operation, and the high lifetime of the plasma nozzle with this ductility

The designs and items used in the manufacturing plants of this company are registered at the Patent and Industrial Board of the Islamic Republic of Iran and are subject to any prosecution of any copying.

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